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Source Control and Remedial Performance Evaluation


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The Goal

To predict a realistic outcome of remediation in the source zone to support remedial decisions.

Our Approach

SCARPE is a modeling framework that allows for an efficient evaluation of different remedial technologies in a NAPL source zone.


SCARPE utilizes a Volume -averaged model with site and technology specific NAPL dissolution rates coupled with remedial process models.


How it works

Scarpe Diem!
"Seize the Source"


SCARPE treats the source zone as a single or several, large modeling blocks to eliminate the complexities of a numerical groundwater flow model while introducing complex remedial processes. This framework provides a middle ground between numerical model limitations and oversimplified screening models.


By using a framework of Volume averaging applied to robust governing equations, combined with remedy- and architecture-specific mass transfer correlations, SCARPE provides a fast and efficient method to assess remedial performance commensurate with high resolution, complex and intensive numerical modeling.

Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives 
How it works
Addresses the Question . . . 

"How long will the source be there?"

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